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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy Advertisement Eddie Murphy is not dead despite several attempts by different media outlets to kill him off. This is not the first time that rumors of the actor's untimely death hit the internet, but this time, the rumors won't die. On August 31, Alt Film Guide confirmed that Murphy isn't dead but that he is, in fact, planning a new television show based on "Beverly Hills Cop." Despite quite a few media outlets claiming that Murphy died in a snowboarding accident, it is not true. The news shot all around the world and quickly became a trending topic on Twitter, several people wondering if the actor had actually died. If Eddie Murphy was dead, sources like People Magazine and even news outlets like CNN would be reporting the sad news. Fortunately, no one reported on the bogus story... because, well, it was bogus. People tend to just run with news like this, perhaps letting adrenaline take over and not doing a good job at stopping the fire once it is started. Murphy has been in the news a lot this week and not just because he isn't dead. The actor is really working on something great for TV that people are excited about. This news coincided with his false death, but it's still publicity, right? Eddie Murphy isn't dead and neither is his "Beverly Hills Cop" idea either. © Effie Orfanides 2012