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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How to measure your bra size

According to leading underwear retailer Rigby and Peller, a staggering 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.
The shape and size of women breasts change over time and everything from diet, pregnancy, and even some forms of contraception can alter their size. So to ensure the right fit, it’s important to get measured every six months. To get the right size, you need to take two different measurements. First, take a tape measure and wrap it around your body underneath your arms. Then add 5 inches to the measurement. This is your band size. Measure your breasts at the fullest point all the way around with the tape measure resting on your nipples. To calculate your cup size, subtract the first measurement from the second one. 1 inch is an A cup, 2 inches a B, 3 a C cup and so on. Incoming search terms: Bra Size, Bra Size Calculator, Bra Size Measurement, Measure Bra Size, Rigby and Peller, Right Bra Size, Women Breast
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Fear of the dentist can lead to poor oral health

Oral HealthNot everyone is comfortable visiting the dentist, whether it’s a bad experience from childhood, or just the thought of having treatment that puts you off. Either way, many people don’t visit their dentist regularly enough and the inevitable result is poor oral health. Working out where the problem lies can often help you overcome your fear, and the British Dental Health Foundation is offering the following information for anyone suffering from dental phobia. One in ten people are estimated to suffer from extreme dental anxiety. Women are more likely to suffer from extreme dental anxiety than men. The most common fears for visiting a dentist are having a tooth drilled (30 per cent) and having a local anaesthetic injection (28 per cent) You are not born with a fear of the dentist. You develop it so therefore you can overcome it. Exposure to the sights and surroundings of the dental practice, as a child will help avoid dental anxiety in adulthood. Modern dentistry has evolved to such an extent that it can be almost pain-free. Some practices specialize in treating nervous patients. It is worth asking to find your nearest practice. Relaxation and sedation techniques have been proven in helping to overcome dental phobia. Around 56 percent of the population have visited an NHS dentist in the past two years. Around 2 percent of the population have never visited a dentist.
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Sunny Leone signs Jism 2, Mahesh Bhatt confirms

The wait is over. Finally Mahesh Bhatt has confirmed that his daughter Pooja Bhatt has cast Sunny Leone for Jism 2, sequel of her film Jism. “Sunny Leone is the heroine of Pooja Bhatt’s JISM 2. Now watch this brave girl unfold her soul & rise higher and higher!,” Bhatt posted on Twitter. “It can now be yelled from the rooftop that Jism 2 is Sunny Leone and Sunny Leone is Jism 2. I took a long time to finalise the lead because somewhere something didn’t feel right. And then I found her in my backyard while watching TV,” says the movie’s director, Pooja Bhatt US based adult-films star Sunny Leone is also very excited and happy to sign her first Bollywood film. She posted on twitter, “Hey everyone! So excited to be working on JISM 2. Remember to follow @Jism2 to get all the movie news first! Xoxo” Before signing the contract Sunny and Pooja had a long chat at a suburban hotel about the film, two days after she was out of the Big Boss house. In fact, Sunny was very happy with the script and was confident about pulling off the ‘bold’ character. However, certain formalities including preparation of legal documents and discussions related to Leone’s work permit needed to be completed. Also, the signing amount needed to be finalised because Sunny demanded 25 per cent more than what Pooja Bhatt offered. Pooja Bhatt first noticed Sunny Leone in an Indian magazine in 2002. Then, the adult film actress was reportedly considered for Kalyug in 2005. Seven years later, she has been finalised for Jism 2.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mayabono Biharini

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